About Shroomunity Byron Bay

Established in Byron Bay, Australia. Shroomunity handcrafts the most powerful extracts on the planet.

Frustrated by the plethora of weak, substandard mushroom powder imported from China, and tinctures made from grain-spawn, we began sourcing locally, wild foraged mushrooms for their medicinal properties. As word spread, we were unable to keep up with demand and began growing organic mushrooms on our little farm outside of Byron Bay.

Our unique, month-long dual-extraction process unlocks the mushroom’s potent immune-modulating beta-glucans and adaptogenic terpenes. Finally, we infuse the elixir with adaptogenic herbs, resulting in THE most bioavailable, synergistic product on the market. Or, what we like to refer to as a ‘Shroomstack.’

Whatever your desired state, we have the stack for you.

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