One of our mission statements at Shroomunity is Natural Human Optimisation. Every medicinal mushroom extract or adaptogen we use in our products comes from an evidence-based approach, backed by studies and tested on ourselves. That’s why we couldn’t go past Pine Pollen as an essential inclusion in some of our offerings, including our latest launch: ‘Limitless Mushroom extract.’ When combined with mushroom extracts, pine pollen provides some powerful benefits.

You’re probably wondering: Isn’t pine pollen mainly for dudes?

We get this question all the time, and it’s mainly due to Pine Pollens ability to enhance testosterone production and balance estrogen production. But this is only a tiny part of a wide range of benefits associated with Pine Pollen. Let’s dig in.

What is Pine Pollen?

Pine Pollen is precisely what it implies- the pollen from a mature pine tree. We wild-forage our Pine Pollen from the south coast of Australia before it spends a month dual-extracting to bring you the most potent, bioavailable extract possible. 

Pine Pollen has been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries, both as an anti-aging tonic and vitality booster. But its benefits extend way beyond that……

The Benefits of Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen contains over 200 bio-available nutrients including, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and natural phyto-androgen hormones, including DHEA and Testosterone. In addition, unlike most synthetic sports supplements, it is highly bioavailable, digestible and easily absorbed. 

These synergistic benefits are enhanced when combined with medicinal mushroom extracts like Cordyceps and Lion’s mane. That’s why we include Pine Pollen in our extracts used to up-regulate our physiology like our Limitless and Performance stacks. Both are great as a natural pre-workout supplement, especially when combined with cordyceps mushroom extract. It’s potent and powerful, which is why we would like to see as many humans as a possible substitute the sugary, caffeinated and chemically-laden pre-workout drinks!

raw-forest-foods-royal-pine-pollen-tincture-pure-raw-pine-pollen-bio-available-dual-extract-2-ounces__05101.1615989339 Pine Pollen combined with Mushroom Extracts: a winning combination?


Why we use Pine Pollen in our Chill and Glow stacks…

As we mentioned earlier, the benefits of pine pollen aren’t just relegated to the world of exercise and are enhanced when combined with mushroom extracts. 

Pine Pollen contains powerful anti-aging hormones which can help support optimal levels of critical hormones. These natural hormones found in Pine Pollen have been shown to promote lean muscle, a youthful skin tone, and pain-free joints. They also have been shown to regulate and balance the estrogen and testosterone ratio that ultimately maximizes health, longevity and well-being. 

These hormones may also help balance the estrogen/testosterone ratio, which is key to maximizing health, longevity and well-being. The result? Less mood swings thanks to the compounds L Dopa and phytoandrogens commonly found in Pine Pollen. 

These compounds also contribute to overall brain health. Pine Pollen is also a natural source of phenylalanine, which helps stimulate the production of various neurotransmitters in the brain. For example, phenylalanine stimulates dopamine levels in the brain, further assisting in regulating mood and giving that overall wellness feeling. Especially when it’s helping your brain fire on all cylinders. 

We are big proponents of enhancing brain health. This is why we combine Pine Pollen with our cordyceps, lions mane alongside other medicinal mushroom and adaptogenic extracts to ensure the associated benefits are synergistically maximized. 

Final thoughts

Alongside the 200 macronutrients contained in Pine Pollen, it’s also a complete protein that boasts 19 different amino acids, perfect for promoting and maintaining lean muscle growth. 

So, if you’re worried about not getting enough protein from a plant-based diet, look no further than natural, ethically sourced, wild-foraged pine pollen. Pine Pollen by itself is impressive. But the benefits of Pine Pollen combined with medicinal mushrooms and other powerful adaptogens is insane! Try one of our stacks and see for yourself.

Mush Love

The Shroomunity Team 

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