Medicinal Functional Adaptogenic

Medicinal Functional Adaptogenic

CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM EXTRACT: Dosage and Possible Side Effects

CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM EXTRACT: Dosage and Possible Side Effects

Cordyceps mushrooms were relatively unknown until 1993 when China’s credited their sweep of Olympic medals to this tiny, tubular-shaped fungi.

In this article, we will examine the benefits, dosage and possible side-effects of Cordyceps Mushroom Extract.

Types of Cordyceps

There are hundreds of different species of Cordyceps. (Not to be confused with ‘ceps’ the culinary mushroom). They are mainly found in Asia and are so treasured; they can fetch some crazy prices. The rarest form of Cordyceps mushroom are wild and command up to $20,000 per kilo! These mushrooms are prized by wild foragers among the peaks of Tibet and the Himalayas and are usually from the strain Cordyceps Sinensis.

We use a few different strains of Cordyceps medicinal mushroom for Shroomunity here in Australia.

Benefits of Cordyceps Medicinal Mushroom Extract

Typically, we use three different strains of cordyceps mushrooms in our ‘stacks’ depending on their various properties. For example, Cordyceps Sinensis has been shown to increase libido and athletic performance, which is why we include it in our ‘SEX’, ‘PERFORMANCE’ and ‘LIMITLESS’ stacks. Cordyceps Militaris has been shown to enhance cognitive function, which is why we include it in our ever-popular ‘NEURO’ stacks. We have also discovered a species of Cordyceps mushrooms native to Australia known as ‘Cordyceps Gunni’ and are now growing, extracting, and including it in our products. We are very stringent on where we source our mushrooms. We either grow here in Byron Bay, Australia, or source from the USA. Most companies use mushroom powder sourced from China, mainly because it’s cheap and available in large quantities. You will never find Chinese mushrooms among Shroomunity Products. We will never compromise our quality for a lower-priced product.

shroomunity_byronbay_123143172_204395984385233_2298768476019105315_n CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM EXTRACT: Dosage and Possible Side Effects

Studies have shown Cordyceps mushrooms are responsible for increasing ATP production and triphosphate. This is why our medicinal mushroom extract is a favourite among athletes, especially surfers here in Byron Bay who report a significant increase in their stamina. This is likely due to Cordyceps mushrooms ability to stimulate mitochondrial production. They also contain CDP-choline, known as a powerful nootropic and results in increased oxygen uptake.

Cordyceps Mushrooms are known to be a slow energy release source. So our customers report a state of flow lasting between four to six hours with no crash like you’d get from coffee. So it’s a great natural alternative to caffeine and chemical-filled pre-workout supplements.

Cordyceps mushroom extract also helps post-workout, with studies showing their potential to inhibit inflammatory pathways.

Studies have also shown Cordyceps to be beneficial for cellular repair and also contain anti-ageing properties. So while most may take it to increase athletic performance, Cordyceps mushroom extract also has the added benefit of prolonging their lifespan!

Finally, Cordyceps mushrooms have also been shown to disrupt the DNA of pathogens which slows down the process of viruses replicating. So overall, Cordyceps is perfect from a holistic perspective.

Everyone is different, and our Cordyceps are potent, so we encourage you to experiment with the dose. Keep in mind the standard dosage is around 1 ml of our medicinal mushroom extract.

CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM EXTRACT: Dosage and Possible Side Effects

We take meticulous care in the sourcing, growing and extracting of our mushrooms. After drying out the Cordyceps, they undergo a month-long dual-extraction process pulling out medicinal properties like polysaccharides, beta-glucans, triterpenoids and terpenes. Our extract is designed to be taken sublingually. This results in the fastest delivery to your system. It’s why we insist on dual-extracting our mushrooms as it is the most bioavailable form for consumption.

cordyceps_mushroom_benefits_copy_1200x1200 CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM EXTRACT: Dosage and Possible Side Effects

The best time to take Cordyceps medicinal mushroom extract is before exercise, an endurance event or anytime your cognitive function needs a boost. For best results, consumer the morning as it does have the potential to keep some people awake if taken before bed.

Side Effects

Our Cordyceps Mushroom extracts are derived from pure mushroom, a food source, so the list of possible side effects is pretty short. However, as Cordyceps are a powerful agent, we would exercise caution and recommend medical advice for pregnant and nursing mothers or children. As the evidence is still unclear for those taking anticoagulants or blood-thinning medication, we would recommend they also seek medical advice before consuming cordyceps. Finally, those who have diabetes are also advised to seek medical advice. The combined use of Cordyceps and diabetic medication may result in a rapid drop in blood sugar levels.

For the average healthy person, though, Shroomunity Cordyceps is a perfect addition to anyone seeking to improve performance, give an extra kick during exercise, up-regulate libido or looking for a brain boost. You can buy our Cordyceps mushroom extract online at Shroomunity.

Mush Love

The Shroomunity Team. 

Useful Properties Of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Useful Properties Of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lions Mane mushrooms or Hericium Erinaceus are interesting looking specimens. They are a white, shaggy mushroom and bear a striking resemblance to a lions mane as they mature. Hence the name ‘lions mane.’

Lions Mane is a versatile mushroom, both used for its culinary and medicinal properties. In terms of the latter, Lion’s mane contains many bioactive properties useful for the brain, gut and body. 

The Brain

Light up your brain with Lions Mane mushroom.

One of the most useful properties of the Lions Mane mushroom is its nootropic effect. That is, its capacity to enhance cognition and memory. One aspect of Lions Mane mushrooms ability to do this is through its stimulation of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and remyelination of nerve sheaths. 

lions-mane-mushroom Useful Properties Of Lion's Mane Mushroom

One common aspect of ageing is that our nerves and axons begin to slow and cannot conduct an impulse as quickly. This is the beginning of mild cognitive impairment (and can lead to Alzheimer’s). Enter Lion’s mane and its ability for neurogenesis, reduction of Neuroinflammation and optimisation of brain health. Studies have shown Lions Mane medicinal mushrooms are able to slow down and even reverse this cognitive impairment. It’s also perfect for young folks due to its capacity to stimulate NGF, brain-derived nootropic factors, and, ultimately, cognitive function. Customers have reported a state similar to flow after taking Lions Mane, which can last anywhere from four to six hours. 

This is why we include Lions Mane mushroom extract in our ever-popular Neuro Stack. Combined with other Nootropic enhancers like Cordyceps, Rhodiola and mucuna pruriens, it will have your brain firing on all cylinders. It’s the perfect substitute for the short term, jittery effect of caffeine. So, instead of that morning coffee, try our Lions Mane mushroom extract

The Body

The useful properties of Lions Mane mushroom extend to its adaptogenic properties. This means they help the body deal with physical and emotional stress. Or, more simply, they give the body what it needs when it needs it. (This is why it’s also referred to as a ‘smart mushroom’). So while Lions Mane mushroom extract can have an uplifting effect on cognition, it can also help you sleep. We are avid biohackers and track our sleep with an Oura ring. After taking Lions Mane before bed, our REM increases by around 50%, which also means our ability for lucid dreaming is also increased. We’ve made it easy for you, though, by mixing Lions Mane mushroom extract with other calming adaptogens in our Sleep and Zen stacks. 

Research has shown Lions Mane mushroom contains anti-fatigue and energy-increasing properties. Combine this with its ability to reduce inflammation and recovery time, and you have the perfect natural pre-workout supplement. Studies have also shown that lion’s mane mushroom extract helps with fat metabolism, ideal for endurance athletes.

shroomunity_byronbay_176224759_486539606027530_5205887689899783366_n Useful Properties Of Lion's Mane Mushroom

Another study showed that mice who were given lions mane extract while on a high-fat diet showed an increase in lipid metabolism and reduced weight gain. This suggests that lion’s mane could potentially improve fat metabolism.

With so many benefits for performance, fat burning and inflammation, Lion’s must is a must for those looking to increase athletic performance. This is why we’ve included Lions Mane in our Performance, Energy and Yoga stacks. Combined with other uplifting adaptogens and Medicinal mushrooms extracts resulting in a blend that will make you unstoppable! 

The Gut

The natural antibacterial properties in Lions Mane mushroom extract help protect the gut against harmful bacteria and ultimately gastric ulcers. While research is still in its infancy, there is evidence Lions Mane mushroom helps protect the stomach lining from harmful substances and may even help in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, chron’s disease and leaky gut syndrome.

This positive impact on the gastrointestinal system will help boost immunity. That’s why we’ve included our Lions Mane mushroom extract in both our Immunity and Gut stacks. 

Shroomunity’s Lions Mane

Unlike most other mushroom companies who import powder from China, we grow our own Lions mane mushroom in the pristine hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia. Our strain originates from a wild-foraged culture native to Byron Bay. So you can rest assured we have the optimal growing conditions to ensure an optimal product. After harvesting and dehydrating, the mushroom is reduced to around a tenth of its original size, ensuring maximum potency. It then undergoes a month-long, dual-extraction process to result in the most bioavailable, maximum strength extract available.  Whether it’s enhanced cognition, increased gut-health and immunity or achieving higher levels of athletic performance, you’ll find Lion’s Mane mushroom contains many useful properties to help with a broad-spectrum of desired states. Our Lions Mane is available at select outlets in Byron bay or online through Shroomunity.

The Main Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

The Main Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

When you think of medicinal mushrooms, Turkey Tail isn’t one that immediately springs to mind for most people. Yet after the recent pandemic, one thing is becoming clear: we now need to take responsibility for their own health. Over the last few months, our inbox has been rammed with many asking questions about how they can boost immunity through medicinal mushrooms. More people are discovering the potential immunity benefits associated with certain fungi! Alongside its big brother: Chaga, Turkey Tail is our go-to for this. These incredible mushrooms are packed with antioxidants and a myriad of immune-boosting benefits. After all the online questions, we thought we’d write a post on the main benefits of Turkey Tail mushrooms. Hopefully we answer most of them. If, not, feel free to send us a mail at:

turkey-tail-mushroom-1296x728-feature The Main Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

We’re lucky to live in the pristine conditions of Byron Bay, where Turkey Tail grows wild. So when you take one of our Turkey Tail Extracts, you can be sure it’s either wild-foraged or cultivated from a native strain of Byron Bay Turkey Tail. We then grow these organically in the hinterland, where clean air and freshwater contribute to a fantastic product.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms are pretty easy to spot thanks to the all the beautiful colours exhibited on their fruiting body. Turkey Tail like to grow and thrive on hardwood stumps. They are found year-round in Australia. When we wild-forage, we are very careful to sustainably remove these mushrooms, so they always grow back. The next step is to dry them out, grind it up and begin our month-long dual-extraction process by soaking in alcohol. This is the first stage of drawing out the medicinal compounds.

Why take Turkey Tail?

Turkey Tail is full of antioxidants.

Antioxidants help offset the stresses of modern life. Our stressful lifestyles increase levels of Oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the precursor to developing free radicals. These nasties are responsible for ageing, inflammation and cellular damage. Thankfully Turkey Tail mushrooms are able to combat this. One PubMed study: found a multitude of phenolic compounds in turkey tail mushroom extract. It also showed the prevalence of the flavonoid antioxidants quercetin and baicalein. These compounds can help reduce the damage from free radicals.

Turkey Tail medicinal mushroom extract contains immune-boosting Polysaccharopeptides

The two main polysaccharopeptides in Turkey Tail Mushroom are Krestin (PSK for short) and Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP for short). Just like the antioxidants listed above, these work similarly by boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation. PSK stimulates something known as dendritic cells. These cells help the body produce immunity from toxins and also help regulate the bodies immune response. Also, PSK can activate white blood cells which help protect you against bacteria.

The compounds found in Turkey Tail are now finding their way into mainstream medicine: China and Japan have harnessed PSP and PSK in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

shroomunity_byronbay_122549981_352351502728256_7115978558594557624_n The Main Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Turkey Tail mushrooms and cancer

As studies showing the efficacy of Turkey Tails ability to reduce tumours and cancer cells in both humans and animals increase, so does the willingness to include these compounds in modern cancer treatment. As mentioned above, China and Japan are at the forefront of this cutting edge technology. Ongoing studies show Turkey Tails effectiveness in increasing the survival rate on undergoing chemo, showing asignificant reduction in mortality over five years than those using chemo alone. Studies have also demonstrated for women undergoing radiation for breast cancer. By taking a large dose of Turkey Tail the day after radiation helped an increase in cancer-fighting cells.

Turkey Tail mushrooms and your gut microbiome

So much recent research points to gut-health being a significant determinant for overall immune health. Turkey Tail mushrooms contain prebiotics, an important determinant in nourishing gut-health. This study found that ingesting PSP from turkey tail mushrooms was responsible for improved levels of good gut bacteria. Overall, leading to an enhanced gut microbiome.

Can you afford NOT to take turkey tail?

With all this data pointing to the benefits of turkey tail mushrooms, it’s a no brainer to include them in your daily supplement and vitamin routine. From its immune system boosting benefits to enhanced gut microbiome, the Turkey Tail mushroom is a unique, natural product that’s easy to include in everyone’s diet. Our Turkey Tail extracts are of the highest quality. Our extraction process results in the most potent product on the market – dual extracted for maximum bioavailability. You can find Turkey Tail in our ‘Gut’ and ‘Longevity’ stacks.

shroomunity_byronbay_135658496_212300077147294_7338476673836646291_n The Main Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms


Why Mushrooms are an Integral Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Why Mushrooms are an Integral Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

(From one of our founders). For over twenty years, I’ve traded financial markets. I’m what’s known as a ‘macro trader.’ This means I traded everything and anything: stocks, currencies, crypto, bonds and commodities. Sounds exciting but it came with a cost: these markets are open 24/7, so I was always ‘on.’

Phone calls in the dead of night were a regular occurrence, usually when I was losing money which made it hard to get back to sleep when my minded started racing. It also made it harder the next day. It’s not easy operating at maximum efficiency and successfully trade against the brightest minds on the planet when you’re half asleep.

1-2 Why Mushrooms are an Integral Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

My peers would take the pharmaceutical option: sleeping pills at night and adderal during the day. I lived in California for a chunk of my trading career so these were easily accessible and readily available. As a proponent of healthy living, this quick-fix option didn’t sit well with me and led me down the road of natural alternatives, eventually discovering why mushrooms are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

In the western world, back then Medicinal Mushroom extracts were still in their infancy. So, it wasn’t like I could walk into a healthy living shop and purchase them- I had to see a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. After researching thoroughly, the studies proved promising. So I decided to give them a go.

Start using Mushroom Extracts – Shroomunity

The results were amazing. After having tried a bunch of other healthy living, natural alternatives, nothing came close. During the day, I would take Lions Mane and Cordyceps for maximum cognitive function, then after getting woken up during the evening, a dose of Reishi would help the transition back to sleep naturally. This was way more conducive to a healthy life than pharmaceuticals.

Lions Mane and Cordyceps, among other things are known as ‘Nootropics.’ Which means they give you a mental performance boost. They were perfect for a career where mistakes can prove to be very costly. Reishi, alongside helping me return to sleep also has adaptogenic properties which meant it was perfect for those stressful periods trading when I was losing money and pumping out too mush cortisol.

1-23 Why Mushrooms are an Integral Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

The results were so good, I decided to incorporate into other areas off my life. As an avid mountain biker, surfer, snowboarder and Brazilian Ju Jitsu practitioner, I found these medicinal mushroom extracts improved my performance and sharpened my focus. Whether it was rolling with a fellow BJJ black belt, or sending it off a cliff on the ski slopes, these medicinal mushroom extracts gave me a higher level of stamina and focus like a laser beam. They soon became an integral part of my healthy lifestyle, in every aspect. I soon branched out into mushrooms like Chaga and Turkey Tail which are both known for their immune stimulating properties.

Difference between Chinese and American products

Most of these medicinal mushroom extracts were in powder form and were from China. I didn’t think this mattered until reading a Paul Stamets quote: “Every Chinese mushroom expert I know says they wouldn’t touch medicinal mushrooms grown in China” So, I started using organic, USA or Canadian grown mushrooms. The difference was astonishing! They were more potent by far. I then found a mushroom company that dual-extracted their mushrooms and this also made quite a difference to the efficacy and potency of the product. From then on, I only used dual-extracted medicinal mushroom extracts grown outside of China.

Fast-forward to 2017 and returning back to Australia. There were only a handful of medicinal mushroom companies. Almost all of them simply imported cheap Chinese mushroom powder and sold it at twenty times the cost. So, alongside the other founders of Shroomunity, we started growing and extracting mushrooms in the pristine hinterland of Byron Bay. The strength of these extracts blew the exisiting powder out of the water. We wanted to share these benefits with the world, so as the crop yield increased, we handed it out to family and friends. Eventually, we had so many requests, we decided to share it with a wider variety of people, so they too could make mushrooms an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. These were the seeds from which Shroomunity was born.

1-4 Why Mushrooms are an Integral Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

All of our stacks are functional and evidence based. We have a team of consultants we use to continually improve our product. We love poring over the thousands of studies out there on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens. Combine this with being relentless bio-hackers, which means we are always testing new combinations and fomulas in order to present a product which is optimal and the best in its class. If we wouldn’t use it, then we’re not going to sell it.

Vitamin D Benefits

Now, it’s not just the east with access to the amazing health benefits of medicinal mushrooms. people all over the world are realising the benefits medicinal mushrooms can provide for a healthy life. Mushrooms provide vital nutrients that aren’t typical of many vegetables. Did you know that mushrooms are the only unfortified, plant based food that provides a substantial amount of vitamin D? With all the research coming out surrounding the benefits that vitamin D has in alleviating the effects of the pandemic, it’s a must for any modern day diet conducive to a healthy life. This is why Australians are now demanding more from their healthy living stores and asking them to stock medicinal mushrooms.

You can buy our medicinal mushroom extracts from: or at a few select establishments in Australia’s beautiful Byron Bay. Make medicinal mushrooms an integral part of your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Shroomunity Reishi Mushroom Extract

The Benefits of Shroomunity Reishi Mushroom Extract

Revered by Asian cultures for millennia, the Reishi mushroom, or as it’s also known: Ganoderma lucidum, is well-known for it’s myriad of health benefits. Many documented studies show this mushrooms ability to boost immunity, fight cancer, and down-regulate our physiology without drowsiness. It’s for these reasons and more described below, are why we love our Byron Bay Reishi and encourage anyone to add it to your daily ritual!

Where and how is our Reishi sourced?

Our Reishi is 100% Byron Bay wild-foraged or grown. Unlike there mushroom companies, we do not source cheap mushrooms from China. Our Reishi has been cultured from strains we have foraged in the Byron Bay Hinterland. So you can rest assured it’s the purest, most potent and entirely suited for growing in this unique climate. Reishi is a resilient, woody mushroom that likes to attach itself to the base of deciduous trees.

reishi-mushroom-1296x728-1 The Benefits of Shroomunity Reishi Mushroom Extract

When we are not growing and extracting, you’ll find us wild-foraging in the Byron Bay Hinterland. We have been lucky to find some monster-sized Reishi which we’ve cultured and used to grow our own unique strain. Using the help of a PhD in mycology to run the appropriate tests, we are confident it contains the most medicinal properties of any Reishi mushroom found in Australia. Combine this with our month-long, unique dual-extraction method, and we are confident you won’t find a better product.

Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms extract

1). Boosting your Immunity. The Reishi Mushroom has been used to treat many diseases. According to this 2010 Pubmed study: immuno-modulating effects of Reishi polysaccharides were extensive, including promoting the function of antigen-presenting cells, humoral immunity, and cellular immunity.

2). Cancer-fighting properties. According to this 2007 Study:, The Reishi mushroom helps enhance immune function via its positive effect on white blood cells, which are well-known in helping to fight infection and cancer. The Lanostane-type triterpenoids are a vital constituent of the mushroom that help enhance anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and immunomodulating activities.

3). Chill out without the drowsiness. The benefits of Reishi Medicinal Mushroom extract also extend to helping sleep and relaxation. According to this 2012 study:, the administration of Reishi over three days significantly increased total sleep time without reducing the REM component. The study showed consuming Reishi Mushroom also contributed to participants describing a somewhat hypnotic effect.

4). Help fight fatigue and depression: This 2005 study: examined Reishi’s impact on people with a condition known as neurasthenia. The side effects of which include aches, pains, dizziness, headaches and irritability. After eight weeks of consuming Reishi Mushroom extract, the positive results were remarkable: participants reported remarkably reduced overall fatigue and vastly improved well-being.

Reishi-Mushroom-Basket-1024x683 The Benefits of Shroomunity Reishi Mushroom Extract

Shroomunity Reishi Mushroom Extract

Our mushroom company was borne out of the lack of quality products on the market. We are always striving to make the best product possible. We don’t cut corners, and this is why we choose to do our extracts the hard way. It would be so easy to grind into powder-like most other mushroom companies; unfortunately, consuming it this way only gets a fraction of its medicinal properties.

Our unique, dual extraction method takes over a month. First, we use alcohol extraction to bring out the mushroom’s adaptogenic properties. These include Polysaccharides, beta-glucans, tri-terpenoids and terpenes. Then we use hot water extraction to get the water-soluble compounds proven to support your immune system. The result is one of the most bioavailable products on the market. The beauty of our dual-extraction method is that after administering the extract under your tongue, it activates the appropriate receptors ensuring maximum efficacy. Or, for those fussy about the taste (and it’s understandable with Reishi as it’s incredibly bitter!), simply add to your favourite beverage.

You can buy our Australian, Byron Bay grown Reishi Mushroom extract straight, or we also add to our stacks designed to promote a more relaxed state. These include our Chill, Zen and Sleep. Our sleep stack also contains Lions Mane, which increases the length of REM sleep. Combing Reishi and Lions Mane ensures you’re getting all the restorative rest to help you perform at your peak. Not to mention those playing around with lucid dreaming, The Shroomunity sleep stack will send it off the charts without the added drowsiness.

We’ve had so much positive feedback on our Byron bay grown Reishi, and we are confident it can be equally life-changing for you! Use in the afternoon and evening to take full advantage of it’s relaxing and immune-enhancing benefits.

What Mushroom Extracts Help Relieve Anxiety?

What Mushroom Extracts Help Relieve Anxiety?

If anxiety wasn’t already an issue in modern society, the pandemic has undoubtedly made it so. 

Levels of anxiety, depression and mental health problems have gone through the roof over the past year, and so has the associated prescription medication. But more often then not, medication is just a quick fix and comes with a plethora of unwanted side effects.

Now we aren’t doctors and don’t pretend to be one. But, there are many well-documented natural ways to combat anxiety: a great nights sleep, meditation, exercise, healthy eating and supplements. This is where our medicinal mushroom extracts come into play.

1007861809_496_0_1829_1333_1600x0_80_0_0_577abf6e2ee05d31e6f0c9e036fb2ff8 What Mushroom Extracts Help Relieve Anxiety?

But what if I don’t know what each medicinal mushroom does?

We hear you, and know it’s tough! It’s overwhelming to walk into a shop and see names like Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail and Lions Mane. Not to mention their associated Latin titles, which make things even more confusing! That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. Years of research, consultation with our expert panel and scouring through some of the 10,000 studies on medicinal mushrooms have contributed to formulating our ‘Shroom Stacks.’ The perfect mix of dual-extracted medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens.

Our Shroom Stacks

Are self-explanatory. Each contains the perfect mix corresponding with the product name. Need to boost your immunity? Then look no further than our ‘Immunity’ stack. Need help relieving anxiety? Then read below:

Which mushroom extracts help ease anxiety?

If you read our previous article on the benefits of Reishi Mushroom, you’ll see it’s one of the best medicinal mushrooms in helping to relieve anxiety. Our Zen and Sleep stack both contain Reishi, Lions Mane and Ashwagandha extract, perfect for downregulating your physiology, ease anxiety, and help get a better night’s sleep. The combination of Reishi and Lion’s mane helps the deep sleep and REM phase of your sleep cycles, so you’re better rested to perform at your peak.

Alongside Reishi, our Chill stack also contains Chaga Mushroom Extract. Known as the OG ‘King of mushrooms.’ Chaga contains many adaptogenic properties. In a 2010 study by the Swedish Herbal Institute Research & Development, researchers concluded that “Adaptogens have a significant, beneficial and specific effect on stress-induced symptoms under fatigue.” The study showed that “the most convincing evidence of the efficacy of adaptogens were found in studies related to its effects on cognitive function and mental performance, and its efficacy in asthenia and depression.”

Help-Relieve-Anxiety What Mushroom Extracts Help Relieve Anxiety?

As Chaga is a fantastic adaptogen, this makes Chaga and our other medicinal mushrooms perfect for increasing your body’s ability to combat the damaging effects of anxiety, depression related to stress and fatigue. As Chaga can take up to thirty years to grow to maturity and is more suited to much colder climates than Australia, Chaga is one of the only mushrooms we don’t grow ourselves in Byron bay. As with everything we do, though, we went to great length to find the best Chaga on the planet. We source our Chaga from Canada, where it’s wild-forged and free from any insecticides, pesticides and heavy metals.

Our Chill stack also contains the most proven adaptogens, including pine pollen, ashwagandha and American ginseng. Numerous studies have shown all to help relieve anxiety and put you in a more relaxed mindset. We do all the hard work in order to remove the guess work for you.

When is the best time to take these extracts?

We suggest using our Chill, Zen and recover stacks later in the day, after a workout or even after an indulgent evening. Place a full dropper under the tongue, hold for a minute before swallowing. Our extracts are designed to be taken every day or even multiple times per day. Don’t worry; it’s impossible to overdose!

Make Shroomunity the perfect addition to your afternoon and evening ritual in getting ready for an excellent nights sleep, ensuring optional recovery, and get the most of life!