Medicinal Functional Adaptogenic

Medicinal Functional Adaptogenic

One reason for starting Shroomunity was the distinct lack of quality medicinal mushroom products on the market. Most Australian companies import cheap powder from China which is usually spray-dried and sub-standard. You can buy a kilo of dried lions mane from China from around $40. The same organic, Australian grown Lions Mane will set you back $500!! In this case, you get what you pay for! So what are the production features in our Medicinal Mushroom extracts?

Organic, Byron Bay grown.

We grow our mushrooms in Eureka, located in the hinterland of Byron Bay where the air, water and local environment are pristine. They are organic and free from any insecticides and pesticides. The Northern Rivers terrain also provides excellent conditions for wild-foraging Reishi, Turkey Tail and Lions Mane, which you’ll also find in our Medicinal Mushroom extracts. We are keen foragers and many of the strains we grow ourselves are cultured from strains we have found wild-foraging around Byron Bay.

Dual-Extracted Medicinal Mushrooms. 

This is the most bioavailable form to consume medicinal mushrooms. After ethically harvesting each mushroom, they are then dried naturally, before leaving to soak for 4-6 weeks in premium alcohol. This pulls out the fat-soluble compounds like triterpenes. We then remove the mushrooms and boil them in spring water for 3-4 hours- this draws out the water-soluble compounds like polysaccharides which contain beta-glucans. The water and Alcohol are then joined together to form the ‘dual-extract.’ Not only is Alcohol important for pulling out fat-soluble compounds, Alcohol is the most prominent tincture medium due to the fast pace of sublingual dosing, which means absorption underneath the tongue. The tissue beneath the tongue has an ample amount of capillaries. This allows chemicals to enter the bloodstream more quickly. So you’re getting the full dose straight into your system. Beware of mushroom powders and alcohol-free tinctures: You’re only getting a fraction of the benefits!
logo_litle-min How do we make our powerful Medicinal Mushroom extracts?


Another reason to support dual-extraction is a mushrooms fungal cell wall is made up of chitin, which is the same tough substance that crustaceans make their shells from. Our bodies typically lack the chitinase enzyme to digest chitin so much of the mushrooms we eat as food end up as insoluble fibre which is a great food for our gut but the compounds we want end up locked inside this chitin cell wall. This is where mushroom extraction comes into play. By using common extraction techniques, we can break down this chitin and give our bodies easier access to the essential compounds. Our extracts also do not contain any grains or starch, which usually comes from extracting bags of grain-spawn.


Not only is this the most bioavailable form to consume shrooms, but it’s also the most functional. Squirt under your tongue and hold for a minute before swallowing. Or, add to your favourite beverage, whether it’s coffee, tea, juice or smoothie. You won’t have any powdery residue left at the bottom!