Flashback to around ten years ago. One of our founders was living in California and had just watched the movie ‘Limitless.’ As a financial markets trader, he always looked for something to give him a cognitive edge while trading during the day. Trading is a competitive game where you’re pitted against some of the brightest minds on the planet. Yes, his colleagues would take illegal and pharmaceutical products like Adderall to boost their brain function, but this didn’t make any sense to someone who had seen so many people burn out over the years from their nasty side effects.

Enter Lions Mane mushrooms. The effect on his cognition was fast and noticeable. His ability to concentrate and think clearly was enhanced. How could a natural product so powerful be legal? Surely, there had to be some side effects? Is Lions Mane Addictive?

shroomunity_byronbay_176224759_486539606027530_5205887689899783366_n Is Lions Mane Addictive?

What is Lions Mane?

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are one of the more famous members of the medicinal mushrooms family. Also known as Hou Tou Gu or Yamabushitake, they take on a white, hairy appearance that looks like a lion’s mane.

The fantastic fungi have been used from a culinary and medicinal perspective in the East for thousands of years. Now the western world is waking up to the power of Lions Mane medicinal mushroom extracts.

What does Lions Mane do?

Studies have shown that the bioactive compounds from Lions Mane mushroom extract can have beneficial effects on the brain, heart and gut.

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Probably the most appealing aspect of lions mane mushrooms is their ability to enhance cognitive function. This is mainly from its ability to promote Nerve Growth Factor or NGF. Through the remyelination of nerve sheaths, this process ultimately results in a faster synaptic impulse sent through the brain and giving that feeling similar to a brain boost.

Considering most other products promoting this cognitive improvement are illicit or made by pharmaceutical companies and contain many nasty side effects, it’s only natural to ask whether Lions Mane have similar side effects. Is Lions Mane addictive? Is Lions Mane legal?

lions-mane-mushroom-1200x628-facebook-1200x628-1 Is Lions Mane Addictive?

Good News!

There good news answers to all of these questions. Studies have shown that Lions Mane Mushrooms are not addictive in any way. Even at very high doses, there have been no reported cases of any damaging side effects associated with Lions Mane mushroom extract, that is, of course, unless you are allergic to Lions Mane. Those who are sensitive or allergic to mushrooms, in general, have reported side effects such as skin rashes and bathing difficulties. So common sense dictates checking with a health care professional before using.

How do you find the best lions mane?

Now that you know Lions Mane has little to no side effects, is not addictive and is entirely legal, where do you find the best product, and how do you know what you’re getting?

At Shroomunity, we take our medicinal mushroom extracts seriously. Our company was in part started due to all the low quality, expensive mushroom powder coming out of China. We wanted to make the best Lions Mane mushroom extract possible. So we started growing our own in the pristine Byron Bay Hinterland without the use of any sprays or chemicals. After harvesting, we then dry the Lions Mane mushroom, which takes them down to around only ten per cent of their pre-harvest bodyweight. (Which is why you should never buy lions mane extract made from fresh mushrooms, it’s mostly water!). It’s then pulverised and soaked in alcohol for for-six weeks. This pulls out the medicinal compounds known as terpenes and triterpenoids. We then take the dried Lions Mane and simmer in water for 3-4 hours. This pulls out beta-glucans and polysaccharides. The final step is to join the alcohol and water together, forming a ‘dual extract.’ Studies have shown this is the most bioavailable way to consume your medicinal mushrooms. Especially since the application method is sub-lingual. The receptors under your tongue open up when in contact with alcohol, so the medicinal properties head straight into your bloodstream.

You can buy our Lions Mane medicinal mushroom extract from shroomunity.com. We stand by our claim you’ll be receiving the highest grade, most potent product on the market or your money back.

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