Our brains account for around 2% of our total body weight but are responsible for using up to 20% of our total energy. If there’s an organ that’s worth looking after, it’s your brain! Our modern lifestyles aren’t overly conducive to a healthy brain, which is why more humans are beginning to realise how beneficial medicinal mushroom extracts are for their brain health.

Over ten thousand studies are showing the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Many of these studies are associated with the positive effects medicinal mushrooms extracts have on brain health. Whether it’s protecting against neurodegeneration, Alzheimers or dementia, there’s increasing evidence that incorporating mushrooms such as cordyceps, lions mane and Reishi could significantly offset these undesirable effects of ageing.

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract

Cordyceps mushrooms contain many powerful agents beneficial for brain health. The bulk of these benefits come through their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. These protect against neuronal cell death and memory loss, which is why many studies are now associated with cordyceps ability to ward off brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Widely known for their ability to increase athletic performance through ATP production, cordyceps mushrooms are now quickly becoming recognised for their capacity for life extension, cellular repair, increased oxygen uptake and stimulation of the mitochondrial output.

shroomunity_byronbay_125840935_137819344349879_5746262105315610505_n The link between your brain health and Medicinal Mushroom extracts

All these lead to enhanced brain health. You can buy our organic, USA grown, dual-extracted cordyceps here. To take the guess work out of it form you, we also include it in many of our stacks designed to up regulate your cognitive function and physiology.

Lions Mane Mushroom Extract

Known for its ability to enhance cognition, Lions Mane is another mushroom extract beneficial for brain health. As we get older, our nerves and axons start to slow down, and we cannot conduct an impulse as quickly as when we were younger.

shroomunity_byronbay_179186564_292286495732840_3695537469818021314_n The link between your brain health and Medicinal Mushroom extracts

This marks the start of mild cognitive impairment, leading to brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s. This is where Lions Mane comes in. The compounds hericenones and erinacines are contained in our Lions Mane mushroom extract. Hericenones are responsible for your brain’s production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), which is why studies have shown that Lions Mane mushroom extract can stimulate NGF. This remyelination of nerve sheaths stimulates cognitive function, produces brain-derived nootropic factor and reduces Neuroinflammation. Erinacines can help cross the blood/brain barrier to boost your brain’s production of neurons and help promote neurogenesis. Ultimately, all of these positive effects are responsible for promoting and enhancing brain health and neural growth. Our Lions Mane Mushroom is grown in the beautiful, unpolluted hinterland of Byron bay. Then dual-extracted over the course of six weeks. We also include it in many of our brain and body boosting stacks.

shroomunity_byronbay_146714892_239068794496847_5775450596481655719_n The link between your brain health and Medicinal Mushroom extracts

Reishi Mushroom Extract

Reishi mushroom is fast becoming known as a ”powerful brain tonic.” Studies have shown that Reishi is used in the east for centuries to enhance mood, focus, and support concentration. The polysaccharides we pull out during our unique, month-long dual-extraction process have been shown to maintain specific brain functions such as cognition and mood enhancement. This 2017 study showed the positive effect of polysaccharides from Reishi mushroom extract had on a control group of mice. This ultimately enhanced brain health and warded off neurodegenerative diseases. Our Reishi is either wild-foraged or grown on our little farm int he hills of Byron Bay.

See our stacks containing Reishi mushroom here.

Overall Brain Health

One of our main motivations for starting Shroomunity was to create natural mushroom, and herb nootropic extracts beneficial for brain health. Our Neuro stack contains all the potent precursors to help promote neurogenesis, including Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Yerba Mate, Rhodiola and Mucuna Pruriens. As we grow most of our mushrooms in the pristine environment of Byron Bay, Australia. You can be sure you’re getting the most potent extracts to keep those brain synapses firing at full tilt. You’ll also find our ”Limitless” stack contains similar ingredients designed to enhance cognition and the brain/body connection. Both of these stacks are best taken in the morning.

Reishi is also known as a calming agent, so we include it in our stacks designed for afternoon, evening and pre-sleep usage. So, you can be sure that between morning and afternoon doses, we’ve got your brain health covered.

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