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Medicinal Functional Adaptogenic


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Cordyceps Mushroom Australia (extract)

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Are you looking for an edge to your workout routine or more energy during your day? Our Cordyceps are a slow-release energy source. Studies show an improvementin endurance and stamina with the added benefits of anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-aging activities. Studies show cordyceps increase ATP production and triphosphate. Cordyceps contains potent bioactive compounds such as cordycepin and ergosterol. Studies have shown Cordyceps can improve brain health, cognition and memory. They also help fight inflammation and fatigue. Our Cordyceps are 100% organic and free from any pesticides and heavy metals.


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Five reasons this is the best Cordyceps mushroom in Australia

As probably know, most medicinal mushrooms are traditionally sourced from China. While they are the pioneers due to traditional Chinese medicine, the quality standards are significantly lower than in other countries. Air pollution, toxic soil, and chemicals all play a part in Chinese grown Cordyceps Sinensis, which usually comes in cordyceps mushroom extract powder even if ‘certified organic’ tests have shown high levels of heavy metals in these powders.

We source our Cordyceps Sinensis from the USA and grow our cordyceps militaris using liquid culture. Here are five reasons we stand by our cordyceps as the best in Australia:

  1. Our Cordyceps are grown in the pristine hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia. We use no chemicals, sprays, unnecessary preservatives or pesticides. Our USA sourced cordyceps are from a partner who also has the same rigorous testing and quality control as we do. This removed the potential for any unwanted toxins.
  2. Our Cordyceps extract contain no brown rice. Other Corcycep products contain around 10-30% brown rice. This is because it is the most popular medium to use in the growing process. Unfortunately, most don’t have the technology to remove the extra grains, so while you’re paying for mushrooms, you’re actually getting a cheap filler!
  3. Our Cordyceps incorporates both the fruiting body and mycelium to give you the ability to access the full spectrum benefits of this fungi.
  4. Our dual-extraction process is one of the most prolonged and most meticulous. Most other mushroom companies extract in 1-3 hours. Our extraction process takes over a month. It’s painstaking but results in the best product on the market. We are constantly experimenting to strengthen the quality of our cordyceps. The end result is a product that delivers more vitality! We stand by this with a money-back guarantee!
  5. Our customers keep coming back for more! Most of our clients are repeat clients who began with a one time purchase then switched out to a subscription. Our cordyceps customer reviews based solely on a cordyceps purchase are all five-star. Check out the positive reviews!

Cordyceps mushroom powders vs Extracts – what’s the difference?

Most mushroom extract powder originates from China. As we mentioned earlier, the quality of this powder will most likely be substandard. Whether it’s in powder form or capsules, we suggest avoiding altogether.

  • Mushroom extract powder contains ‘chitin’, which is difficult for your digestive system to process. If you want the highest quality, most bioavailable Australian or the USA grown medicinal mushrooms, we suggest avoiding the powder and opting for dual-extract.
  • According to research, dual-extract is the gold standard for consuming medicinal mushrooms.
  • The other benefit of dual-extraction is its ability for this medicine to be absorbed straight into your system. When the alcohol in the extract touches the receptors under your tongue, they open up and absorb the extract straight into your system.
  • Powder is also hard to mix into drinks. Our extract can go straight into your favourite beverage for that extra boost. Whether it’s your morning coffee, smoothie or pre-workout for an extra dose of physical performance, we’ve got you covered!
  • Who knows what else you’re getting in that extract powder. Most companies simply feed it into a grinder and any insects or bugs living in the mushroom. We hand harvest and dry all of our mushrooms. So quality control is second to none.

The health benefits of Cordyceps mushroom – what does the research say?

  • Physical performance – According to this 2011 study Cordyceps improved tolerance to high-intensity exercise. Cordyceps can improve performance by increasing blood flow, enhancing oxygen utilization, and acting as an antioxidant.
  • Faster recovery – According to the same study, Cordyceps enhanced oxygen utilization and blood flow, especially the liver and non-exercising skeletal muscle. It also enhanced lactate clearance. This may allow athletes to maintain a higher intensity of exercise, while the reduction of oxidative stress from high-intensity exercise may delay fatigue. This is a big deal when it comes to physical performance. Rather than reaching for that gnarley chemical-laden pre-workout drink, go for the natural herbs and see the impact Cordyceps has on your body.
  • Enhances mitochondrial function – This is huge. This 2010 study shows the “Protective effects on mitochondria and anti-aging activity of polysaccharides from cultivated fruiting bodies of Cordyceps militaris” So not only does it improve energy and physical performance, but its’ also anti-aging.
  • Increase ATP production – ATP is the principal molecule for storing and transferring energy in cells. This 2007 study showed the enhancement of ATP generation and triphosphate. Just another avenue Cordyceps can have improve overall energy level naturally.
  • Improved Libido – Studies have shown these tiny fungi has the ability to enhance libido. So rather than reach for the viagra, go for the natural option and try a natural herb like Cordyceps to boost your love life!
  • Reduced inflammation – Numerous studies are showing the correlation between this supplement and reduced inflammation.


Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we have a refund policy. Our Cordyceps extract is the best you’ll find. If you’re not happy with our product, email support, and we’ll happily refund your payment.

Is Cordyceps mushroom addictive?

No, Cordyceps medicinal mushroom is non-addictive. You might be addicted to the way this supplement makes you feel, the increased energy, libido and increase in overall energy, though!

Does Cordyceps have any Side Effects?

Cordyceps has been shown to be safe even at high doses. A tiny percentage of people may have an allergic reaction. So with any new product, check with your doctor!

Do cordyceps mushroom grow in Australia?

Cordyceps are becoming more popular in Australia for their overall health benefits. Make sure your product is of the highest quality before you buy, though. Unscrupulous companies purchase cordyceps medicinal mushroom powder off Ali Baba for forty dollars a kilo, repackage and resell for up to eight hundred dollars a kilo!

Are cordyceps banned in Australia?

The food services Authority has recently banned Cordyceps Sinensis powder due to the low-quality product from China. Even more reason to use dual-extracted liquid!

What is cordyceps taken for?

This fungus has been traditionally used for thousands of years in Asia. Its benefits include increasing endurance, stamina, improve lungs health, boost libido and overall physical performance. It also enhances cognition and mental clarity, leading to what reviews name as a ‘four-hour state of flow.’ It’s great natural medicine and a great source of antioxidants to help scavenge free radicals, reduce toxins and increase longevity. This little herb can also support your immune system, reduce inflammation and increase vitality! It’s an excellent natural medicine. You’ll be glad you discovered this superfood!

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