Revered by Asian cultures for millennia, the Reishi mushroom, or as it’s also known: Ganoderma lucidum, is well-known for it’s myriad of health benefits. Many documented studies show this mushrooms ability to boost immunity, fight cancer, and down-regulate our physiology without drowsiness. It’s for these reasons and more described below, are why we love our Byron Bay Reishi and encourage anyone to add it to your daily ritual!

The health benefits of Reshi Mushroom

  1. Boosting your Immunity. The Reishi Mushroom has been used to treat many diseases. According to this 2010 Pubmed study The immuno-modulating effects of Reishi polysaccharides were extensive, including promoting the function of antigen-presenting cells, humoral immunity, and cellular immunity.
  2. Cancer-fighting properties. According to this 2007 Study The Reishi mushroom helps enhance immune function via its positive effect on white blood cells, which are well-known in helping to fight infection and cancer. The Lanostane-type triterpenoids are a vital constituent of the mushroom that help enhance anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and immunomodulating activities.
  3. Chill out without the drowsiness. The benefits of Reishi Medicinal Mushroom extract also extend to helping sleep and relaxation. According to this 2012 study the administration of Reishi over three days significantly increased total sleep time without reducing the REM component. The study showed consuming Reishi Mushroom also contributed to participants describing a somewhat hypnotic effect.
  4. Help fight fatigue and depression: This 2005 study examined Reishi’s impact on people with a condition known as neurasthenia. The side effects of which include aches, pains, dizziness, headaches and irritability. After eight weeks of consuming Reishi Mushroom extract, the positive results were remarkable: participants reported remarkably reduced overall fatigue and vastly improved well-being.
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reishi-mushroom-1296x728-1 The Benefits of Reishi Mushroom Extract

Where and how is our Reishi sourced?

Our Reishi is 100% Byron Bay wild-foraged or grown. Unlike there mushroom companies, we do not source cheap mushrooms from China. Our Reishi has been cultured from strains we have foraged in the Byron Bay Hinterland. So you can rest assured it’s the purest, most potent and entirely suited for growing in this unique climate. Reishi is a resilient, woody mushroom that likes to attach itself to the base of deciduous trees.

When we are not growing and extracting, you’ll find us wild-foraging in the Byron Bay Hinterland. We have been lucky to find some monster-sized Reishi which we’ve cultured and used to grow our own unique strain. Using the help of a PhD in mycology to run the appropriate tests, we are confident it contains the most medicinal properties of any Reishi mushroom found in Australia. Combine this with our month-long, unique dual-extraction method, and we are confident you won’t find a better product.

Shroomunity Reishi Mushroom Extract – Our mushroom company was borne out of the lack of quality products on the market. We are always striving to make the best product possible. We don’t cut corners, and this is why we choose to do our extracts the hard way. It would be so easy to grind into powder-like most other mushroom companies; unfortunately, consuming it this way only gets a fraction of its medicinal properties.

Our unique, dual extraction method takes over a month. First, we use alcohol extraction to bring out the mushroom’s adaptogenic properties. These include Polysaccharides, beta-glucans, tri-terpenoids and terpenes. Then we use hot water extraction to get the water-soluble compounds proven to support your immune system. The result is one of the most bioavailable products on the market. The beauty of our dual-extraction method is that after administering the extract under your tongue, it activates the appropriate receptors ensuring maximum efficacy. Or, for those fussy about the taste (and it’s understandable with Reishi as it’s incredibly bitter!), simply add to your favourite beverage.

You can buy our Australian, Byron Bay grown Reishi Mushroom extract straight, or we also add to our stacks designed to promote a more relaxed state. These include our Chill, Zen and Sleep. Our sleep stack also contains Lions Mane, which increases the length of REM sleep. Combing Reishi and Lions Mane ensures you’re getting all the restorative rest to help you perform at your peak. Not to mention those playing around with lucid dreaming, The Shroomunity sleep stack will send it off the charts without the added drowsiness.

We’ve had so much positive feedback on our Byron bay grown Reishi, and we are confident it can be equally life-changing for you! Use in the afternoon and evening to take full advantage of it’s relaxing and immune-enhancing benefits.

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